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Can I get this poll filled, please? I'd love getting as many answers as I can get ^^…
tl:dr:not giving fucks about other people likes and personality is the right way to live your life

the other person asked to remain anonymous 

[Name Undisclosed]: Discord
there is no normal
who defines normal?
what is normal?
normal does not exist
normal is a variable which changes
Discord: what is normal? what majority does
[Name Undisclosed]: no
thats mainstream
Discord: yes
[Name Undisclosed]: xDD
Discord: being hetero is normal
[Name Undisclosed]: being gay is normal as well
Discord: because 80% of mankind is hetero
actually, being gay is being a deviant statistically
[Name Undisclosed]: so if 80 % would fuck dogs it would be normal?
Discord: so is being bi XD
it would be
[Name Undisclosed]: god damn your pov is fucked up
Discord: no its not
its called relativism
[Name Undisclosed]: and not normal
Discord: I dont give a fuck what other people do as long as it doesnt affect me personally
[Name Undisclosed]: yes
Discord: and its actually a good way to live
[Name Undisclosed]: for you
but not for all
Discord: for everyone
[Name Undisclosed]: how can YOU alone tell that?
Discord: dude, how would you be happier
in a world where you went "hey im bi" and people went " so what? why should I care"
or in a world where you go "hey, im bi". And people go " you are gonna burn in hell you faggot you must repent of your sins you are ill and you need a psychiatrist"
[Name Undisclosed]: which is our world atm
Discord: because the second choice is the fucking world we live in
[Name Undisclosed]: I choose the first but thats NOT what I meant
Discord: and with choice A everyone would be happier
not just you
[Name Undisclosed]: there are many people out side which need to be unhappy to be happy
[Name Undisclosed]: from our pov
Discord: those people
Discord: [Name Undisclosed]:

<<< there are many people out side which need to be unhappy to be happy
[Name Undisclosed]: ela wat?
Discord: develop your point
make it understandable
expand it
[Name Undisclosed]: ah
there are people
who need to feel from our view bad to feel happy
Discord: so wait. are you trying to tell me that my happiness based on WHO I AM should be supedited to the behavior and beliefs of a few who arent born like this but rather chose to be?
are you basically equaling their wishes to mine?
because then
lemme present you a thing called
Utilitarianism, proposed by Jeremy Bentham in the 1780's~
[Name Undisclosed]: im saying that everything is based on how you grew up and see the world
Discord: the right thing to do is the thing that makes happier the biggest amount of people
so the suffering of homophobes because LGBT can be open can be regarded as bullshit
because LGBT happiness>>>>>> homophobes suffering
the balance is a lot heavier to the happinness side
the less people cares about what others like, the happier everyone will be
Trying to control something uncontrollable is a madman's behavior
+ the fact their attitude (and everyone with some sort of moral righteousness) can be simplified as "stop liking what I dont like, be like me or ill hate on you"
and that's despicable as fuck. and tbh, its the only justification I find for intolerance. being intolerant with intolerants. I wont tolerate anyone telling me what to like or not because they dont like it
So yeah, I think I can safely assure the world would be a much happier place if everyone cared less what their neighbor does. being fucking a dog, liking little cartoon horses, yiffing or liking apples instead of pears
alright. for srs. uni exams. 3 days of exams only. this means no internet, because as soon as I finish one exam, I gotta prepare for the next one. I'll see you all on thursday afternoon :3
… [NSFW]

Thanks everyone! :hug:

I'll draw something when I'm done with exams >_<

(tumblr is nsfw.... just sayin')
So… I got a 6.92/10 as my average mark. I need a 10.54/14 to enter biology in uni. I have two weeks to prepare the uni exams. I'll see you all the june 13th…

I'll still be here from time to time, but dont count on any sort of upload -.-

I have 12 days to prepare. see you all in 15 days

tl:dr cya all on june 13th

PS: I might open comishes after that. seeing I'll have won the bet and all, I'll be able to draw NSFW again ^_^
*You're welcome

how did I even get so close to 4000 pageviews e.e
Gone due to exams... Will be back on friday (probably)! Kthxbai!
So… I made this tutorial compilation, made out of tutorials I've downloaded as time passed… I own none of them, and all credit goes to the author of each tutorial. some are from dA. some are from tumblr

NSFW tutorials


•Ponies and some furry…

SFW tutorials

•Humans (divided by categories, ie: head/torso/poses/ anatomy)…


•Furry (very few tuts)…

•Miscelaneous {shading, SAI, SAI effects, braids, crystals, color, wings, etc. basically, tecniques}…
OMG one year in dA! :iconsoawesomerdplz:

That is all. You may now continue with your lives
I'll be honest. Homophobic people deserve a fucking smack with a nail covered baseball bat. I'ts not fucking fear. It's you being an asshole to people who you might not even know and not wanting them to have the EXACTLY SAME rights that you've had YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. for fuck's sake. I still don't get why it's still being debated. this world is fucking wrong when stuff like who fucks with who is a bannable/offensive thing for some people

no debating. no speaking with them. its not even a debatable thing. its a fucking RIGHT. marry and/or fuck whoever you want

just. a. fucking. baseball. hit. in. their. head

rant over. I just got the piece of news that a friend of mine is risking being disowned because their parents found out she was a lesbian. This makes me so fucking mad.

PS: I dont give a fuck what you guys think about this (ie: aaaah its too violent!) It's MY opinion and you're gonna have to deal with it
so... since i reached 40 followers today... I dont want to spam my lovely followers with all the bullshit I reblog. so I'll keep as an art blog, and I made a new modblog for all that bullshit. the URL is

its also gonna be nsfwish... I reblog a lot of stuff



K. thanks for reading :meow:
So from now on, this account will be nsfw(ish), and my alt account i just made, :icondescrodpls: will be the sfw one, watch me, unwatch me here, or do whatever you wanna do ^_^

edit: ill be posting both sfw and nsfw in this account, but ill keep the other one clean ^_^